How to develop the speaking ability to talk to win people’s hearts and minds?

Many people have entered the membership website industry in recent years.

While it is easy to start an online salon, many people feel uneasy about speaking in front of others.

“Will I be able to give an engaging talk?”

“I think I’m speaking very well, but I’m not getting many responses”

When you belong to some organization, even if people are smiling at you in the conversation, it might be just flattery or because they just read between lines. But those doesn’t work online.

In this article, we will share with you how to develop your speaking skills.

How to develop speaking skills

To inform on membership websites, most commonly used method is to use subtitles in text format or PowerPoint where only main points are highlighted.

If you have an exact script to speak, these methods are effective, but these are difficult to use in real-time membership websites.

The audiences come to your membership website because they are interested in your “real” speaking.

That is the reason why they prefer live streaming, where they can feel closer to the presenter.

However, for the audiences, listening to you is not their job. So you need good speaking skills to keep attracting them.

How to develop “real” speaking skills

Before you try to improve the speaking skills by yourself, you’d better to try to find good examples.

Speaking skills is not something that can be changed immediately even if you want to.

It is difficult to correct your natural speaking skills that you have developed over many years, unless you always keep it in your mind.

Good examples are on TV.

It is good way to watch youtube or participate in a membership website and listen to the host’s speaking to develop your speaking skills. But there is a more cost-effective way.

That is watching television.

For many years, television has been the place where many professionals have informed and entertained viewers.

Beside, only if you have a TV, you can watch as much as you want for free.

There’s no reason for you to not make use of it.

Comedians are professionals when it comes to speaking.

They are always thinking what to say and what kind of reaction they would get.

Sometime they seem to say something casually without any consideration on variety shows. But those words were the best that chosen by editor from the long-time recorded video.

There is no reason not to learn from them.

You can start by imitating them.

By calmly analyzing why they made such statements at that time, you can improve the base of your speaking skills.

If comedians are professionals of entertaining, announcers are professionals of reporting situations.

One of the most important things of membership websites is to explain in an understandable way.

In horse racing or sports, announcers are always giving live commentary.

We usually listen to the announcer’s words without thinking, but we can see that their statements are composed in a short and understandable way.

If you imitate some announcers and try to depict the scenery or something in front of you in your daily life, you can see yourself objectively.

You can also learn the composition skills that you need for membership websites, so why don’t you try that.