“IT Advanced Country”, Estonia. Report #1: World’s First Virtual Assistant

Build Salon Co., Ltd. announced on November 5, 2022, the start of preparations for the full-scale opening of its overseas branch [Estonia/Tallinn Branch] (for customers in Europe).

Build Salon Co., Ltd. plans to open overseas branches in various locations to quickly establish a share of the “subscription membership site production” industry, which is not yet common outside of Japan. The selection of expatriate staff to be dispatched to these branches is already well underway.

Tallinn is the capital of the Republic of Estonia, a Scandinavian country characterized by its beautiful medieval cityscape.

It is known as an IT advanced country that has introduced e-government and other systems.

The proposed office location is only a 10-minute drive from Tallinn Airport, which has an airport in the city center. The location was also chosen as a potential branch location for access to clients in the EU, as it offers easy access to London, Berlin, and other EU cities.

The site will be used as an access base for clients throughout Europe.

In this issue, we will report on why Estonia/Tallinn, which will serve as Build Salon Co., Ltd. ‘s Europe-wide access base, is called an IT advanced country.

What if the state were to introduce a variety of AI-based services?

”It’s like something out of a science fiction novel”.

That’s probably what everyone thinks when they hear about it.

In Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, a small country in Northern Europe, the world’s first state-sanctioned AI has already been approved. It has already been incorporated into a number of government services and is working literally every day without a break for its citizens.

The name of the AI is “Bürokratt”.

Let’s take a look at how Bürokratt works. It works in a similar way to Apple’s Siri virtual assistant, which can be used like Siri via various devices owned by citizens.

Citizens can use their voice to ask the bureaucrat to assist them in submitting a number of applications on government services and in processing payments.

What is also very useful is that the AI can remind you of each essential task, such as renewing a driver’s license, submitting a birth certificate, or filing a tax return.

It’s a great way to save paper resources!

The Estonian government plans to expand the use of Bürokratt in the future, and expects to save millions of EUR in administration costs and improve the convenience of government services.

Four of the World’s Top 100 Artificial Intelligence Projects recognized by UNESCO

In fact, this is not the only AI project underway in Estonia.

・Automated trading AI by Invest Estonia

・Software platform “Bitskout”

・A robot bartender named “Yanu”.

In all, four projects are currently listed in UNESCO’s list of the world’s top 100 artificial intelligence projects.

One of the reasons why such cutting-edge and workable projects are being launched one after another in Estonia is the very smooth collaboration between the government and the private sector in the area of advanced technology development.

Estonia is well prepared to grow IT businesses.

Build Salon Co.,Ltd. hopes to share the fruits of this new challenge with you one after another!