The Latest Beauty Trends and Benefits of Membership Services

Women’s pursuit of beauty has never changed. But how to pursuit has continued to change rapidly.

In Japan today, it is common for women to take non-insured medical treatment at beauty clinics, and to undergo various cosmetic procedures at doctors’ offices based on the doctor’s diagnosis.

Not only for online beauty salons, but also for every membership websites where many people gather, being sensitive to these new trends is very important.

In this article, we would like to learn terminologies related to the latest beauty clinic.

Derma pen: A cosmetic procedure that uses small, shallow needles to make holes in the surface of the skin

It is a cosmetic procedure approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that uses a special machine to stimulate skin metabolism and keep the skin beautiful by inserting a large number of very fine needles into the facial skin, causing numerous small, very shallow wounds.

The skin has the ability to repair itself when it is damaged, and new cells are generated when wounds are repaired.

Dermapen is based on the idea of utilizing this physiological phenomenon to rejuvenate the skin

After the procedure, internal bleeding, scarring, and pain may occur.

HIFU: Cosmetic procedure that stimulates fascia of facial muscles with heat

The procedure has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In this procedure, some special equipment on the facial skin stimulates the fascia that located in deep part of the skin with heat and activates the muscle function so that the face can be expected to be tightened.

Main purposes of the procedure are recovering fine wrinkles caused by dryness and sagging cheeks.

Redness and fever may occur after the procedure.

Drip infusion of glutathione : Cosmetic method of introducing glutathione into the body by infusion.

This is a method of taking glutathione by infusion. Glutathione is composed of three types of amino acids: glutamine, cysteine, and glycine, those are necessary for human life activities.

Although these amino acids are normally contained in food, the infusion results in dense and efficient intake. And it can help ease the burden in your liver, ease your fatigue, and make your skin color nice.

It is also expected to inhibit excessive melanin production.

In other words, it can result in skin spot prevention.

There are many affinities between membership websites and beauty!

How was that?

When we look at these cosmetic procedures, we can see that there are advantages and undesirable side effects.

Such information can be difficult to obtain in an open forum.

Besides, it is more difficult to get information on prices and doctors than the information on esthetic clinics.

This is why, more and more, people come to beauty and lifestyle salons to get real and beneficial information.

Those membership websites can offer seminars where participants stay night and lean about beauty. Like this, suggestion of a plan that would be difficult to sell in open is another appeal of membership websites.

For those who want to run a membership website, knowing the affinity between beauty and salons is beneficial.