Yeouido is Korea’s Wall Street! What are its features?

Build Salon Co.,Ltd. announced on November 5, 2022, the start of full-scale preparations for the opening of its [Korea/Seoul Branch] (for clients in the Asian region).

The Seoul branch will be used as an access base for clients in Asia (especially throughout Korea).

The opening of the Seoul Branch is moving ahead at a particularly rapid pace.

The reason for this is the current surge in the number of inquiries from Korean companies to Build Salon.

Compared to other countries, Korean companies tend to constantly seek cutting-edge content and business models. Against this backdrop, the “subscription membership site production” offered by Build Salon is attracting a great deal of attention as a method that can break away from the usual AdSense advertising model.

In this issue, we take a closer look at Yeouido, Seoul, where we are currently preparing to open a branch office.

Yeouido is called “Korea’s Wall St”. Why is that?

Originally, Yeouido was regarded as an unsuitable location for housing due to poor water drainage, but the island’s fate changed dramatically in the 1970s when it was extensively developed and the National Assembly building was moved to the island.

Today, the island is home to the

Korea Stock Exchange

Seoul International Finance Center

LG Group headquarters building (LG Twin Towers)

The island is now home there to other facilities that form the hub of the Korean economy, as well as the offices of major corporations.

Yeouido is becoming more open to not only business people but also to the general public.

Yeouido Park, located in the center of Yeouido, was known as “Yeouido Plaza” until 1998 and was a place where political gatherings such as union labor meetings were often performed.

Since 1999, when the park was renamed to the current “Yeouido Park”, such gatherings have been gradually disappearing as time has passed. Today, the lawn has been transformed into a “fashionable” spot where urbanites gather in sophisticated, casual fashion and spend their time in their own way.

The Hyundai Seoul, the largest department store in Korea developed by the Hyundai Group, will open in February 2021 and is also a hot topic of conversation.

Hyundai Seoul is a very popular shopping area for tourists, with many well-known companies from the U.S., Japan, and other countries, as well as Korean chain stores, opening stores.

The exterior of the building is particularly eye-catching, with an organic design that makes extensive use of curves, an organic design that extends to the top floor, and a hanging garden in the center of the atrium, a very innovative design for a department store.

Cities evolve, and so do people’s minds…

In the 1970s, Seoul, South Korea was filled with a passion that seemed to well up from the bottom of the ground, but in the 2020s, it is shedding its old face in a positive sense and transforming into a beautiful city that is even more loved by people, dressed in a new image.

The mindset of the people living there will naturally change drastically, and there will be more than a few businesspeople who wish to conduct transactions in an entirely new dimension, including next-generation online spaces such as web3 and crypto assets as legal tender that can be traded globally.

What kind of new economic story will begin here in Seoul? The world is looking at Seoul with great anticipation.