We are currently establishing a base of operations in New York.You’ll want to stay tuned!

The United States is the largest market in the world and the demand for online communities is growing rapidly.

To expand its share of the North American market, Build Salon has initiated plans to establish an office in New York City, USA.

Below are some of the advantages for companies to establish a base in New York:

Connecting with companies and professionals in diverse industries makes it easier to attract new business partners and customers.

Talent availability: The city is a magnet for talented people, making it easier to hire people with the skills you need.

These benefits can be leveraged to grow your business.

New York City is home to numerous business districts, with several areas particularly suited to small and medium-sized companies.

Hudson Yards, for instance, is home to state-of-the-art office buildings, commercial and cultural facilities, making it an attractive business environment.
These areas offer excellent networking opportunities due to their convenient transportation and diverse businesses.

In addition to the Hudson area, several other areas in New York City attract venture capitalists. Of particular interest are the following areas:

  1. Brooklyn: The Williamsburg and DUMBO areas are home to many creative startups and tech companies.
  2. Soho: This area is home to many fashion and media startups and creative businesses.
  3. Midtown: This area is home to many technology companies, especially fintech and health tech.

These areas provide a supportive environment for the New York City venture scene, attracting a diverse range of startups with unique characteristics.

Build Salon Inc. is poised to leverage the numerous advantages of its New York City location to offer customers in the North American region an even more practical and innovative online salon system.

New York City offers a range of policies and programs to support small businesses.

The New York City Small Business Services Bureau (SBS) provides resources and programs to help small businesses establish, grow, and sustain themselves. These include business advisory services, financing assistance, and training programs.

The New York Office of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) provides a platform for Japanese companies to expand overseas.

The New York office works with local public and private cooperative organizations to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their business development.

In New York, the world’s premier business district, BuildSalon Inc. will continue to provide the most needed solutions to those in need of an online community, while also capitalizing on the active interactions with these reliable business partners.