2022 October SEOUL META WEEK! Seoul, Korea’s technological innovation attracts the eyes of the world!

Build Salon Co.,Ltd. announced on November 5, 2022, the start of full-scale preparations for the opening of its [Korea/Seoul Branch] (for clients in the Asian region).

The Seoul branch will be used as an access base for clients in Asia (especially throughout Korea).

The opening of the Seoul Branch is moving ahead at a particularly rapid pace.

In this issue, we will take a closer look at the “SEOUL META WEEK 2022,” an event organized in October 2022 in Seoul, Korea, which will serve as Build Salon Co., Ltd.’s base for customers in Korea and other Asian countries, including the purpose, speakers, and contents of the event.

What are the objectives of SEOUL META WEEK 2022?

SEOUL META WEEK 2022 was a three-day event organized from October 4-6, 2022, at the Shilla Hotel-The Shilla, located in the heart of Seoul, Korea.

The event was held to welcome a number of global speakers from across industries and geographies to discuss upcoming trends and insights on blockchain, metaverse, Web3, NFT, and more.

Seoul META week 2022

What about the debaters invited to the SEOUL META WEEK 2022?

Speakers from IBM, NVIDIA, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS, Nokia, CJ ENM, SK Telecom, Adobe Korea, and other companies were invited to SEOUL META WEEK 2022.

Over the three days, as many as 38 talk sessions were held on the stage, where fresh information and sharp insights about the future of the web world from the front lines of business were presented one after another.

What is the content of the SEOUL META WEEK 2022 sessions?

We are going to examine some of the actual talk sessions, looking at some of the themes and the speakers.

・The Past, Present, and Future of Blockchain

Moderated by KJ Ha, BNB Chain

Jooho Yun, CEO, Ring Games; Sunghun Kim, CEO, Metaverseworld; and Hyungwon Lee, CEO, ACT Games

・The Accelerating Blockchain Ecosystem

Moderated by Bill Byeon, CEO, Encoding Labs

Trevor Owens, Managing Partner, Stacks Ventures; Heston Cho, Krust Universe Senior Manager, Klaytn Platform Group; and Marketing Director, UNOPND Nathan Kim, Marketing Director, UNOPND, Inc.

・Real World Case Studies of Web 3.0 and Metaverse Adoption

By Shyam Nagarajan, Executive Partner of Web3.0 and Sustainability, IBM Consulting

・The Digitization of Assets and the Rise of NFTs

Moderated by Joshua Kriger, Co-Founder & Co-Host, The Edge of Company

Jake Choi, CEO, KlayCity; Andrew Ku, CEO, Altava Group; and Emanuel Erdem, Head of Metaverse, Exclusible

・The Future of Immersive Metaverse

Artur Sychov, Founder & CEO, Somnium Space

Web3’s innovation and the Ambition of Korean businesspeople are the best match

Korea’s business world is known as a very competitive society, and it has cultivated a culture of ambition to constantly adopt innovative methods into its business practices, which is unique in the world.

In other words, the Korean business community is more critical of what has been done before and what has fallen out of fashion than any other, but it also has a keen sense of what is cutting-edge and a willingness to take on new challenges without hesitation in making the investment.

I believe that the new wave of web3-based businesses currently underway in the Internet world, encouraged by the vitality of Seoul, Korea, have a very good chance of being put to practical use on a global scale.

The future of the Korean business world is attracting a lot of attention with high expectations.