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Compare vulnerability assessment tools.

Membership website operators should be aware of the existence of “vulnerability assessment tools” that allow you to know the security holes in your website.

As an administrator responsible for protecting customer information, you must have this knowledge in this day and age when Internet crimes that exploit bot and application vulnerabilities continue to occur.

Typical Vulnerability Assessment Tools

Currently, there are a variety of vulnerability assessment tools on the market, and we will introduce some of the most representative ones with their features for free and for a fee.



It runs on Linux.
The tool features open source.
You can choose between two modes: Fast mode, which is light-loaded, and Deep mode, which is heavier but more accurate.

It consists of multiple databases.
Even though it is free, the accuracy is reputed to be quite reliable.


A high evaluation point of this one is that the method of performing the scan is plain and simple.
It is open source and publicly available.
The specification to start diagnosis by setting IP address on the GUI configuration screen is very convenient.


It is an open source scanning tool supported by Netsparker, a company headquartered in Texas, USA.

It is very straightforward to use.
It is backed by a well-established security-related company, and its reliability is well documented.

[Paid service ]

Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions, Inc.

It features a three-stage vulnerability assessment that makes full use of business logic, both manual and automated review by the assessor, and easy-to-understand assessment results, all of which are made possible by Mitsui’s extensive resources.

NRI Secure Technologies, Inc.

It has Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. as its major shareholder. It is a vulnerability assessment service provided by a mid-sized security-related company that also has branches in North America.
The service is characterized by its meticulousness in meeting user needs through a diverse combination of manual diagnoses by experienced experts and automated diagnoses, such as platform diagnoses.

The results of the diagnoses are also reputed to be easy to read and detailed.

ITM Corporation Site scan Series

Founded in 2017, ITM Corporation offers an innovative service that could be called a subscription-based vulnerability assessment tool.

Users can purchase a plan based on what they want, and the company will respond to user demand with a variety of variations. Some of the plans allow for an unlimited number of tests, which has become a major topic of conversation.

If you want to know which service is right for you

We have introduced just a few of the many popular vulnerability assessment tools that exist, but in reality, you must choose the service you need from a much larger number of options.

What should you focus on and what should you cut out?

It is difficult to come to a conclusion from the user’s perspective alone.

What we recommend is to consult with a company that specializes in taking orders for online salons.

You will surely be able to find a satisfactory choice with advice from a new angle that you could not have realized when you were trying to choose by yourself.