Video Submission Systems

Administrators and users can post videos.” The system can be deployed like a “major paid video distribution service”.
(Administrators can upload videos as standard.)

Members can upload videos.

Administrators and members will be able to upload videos to the online salon.

Currently, the main media is shifting from images to videos all over the world. By allowing users to upload videos without going through major video sites, dependency on external parties can be reduced to a minimum.

Videos are uploaded directly to a running server.
Compared to using an external service, this avoids situations where the video cannot be displayed due to changes in specifications.

The same level of service as major paid video delivery platforms such as Amazon Prime™️ and Netflix™️ can be deployed.

Amazon is a trademark or registered trademark of Amazon Japan, LLC and its affiliates (“Amazon”).
Netflix is a trademark or registered trademark of Netflix, Inc.

Videos can be restricted for viewing by category or individual video.

Videos can be restricted in detail by initial requirements, such as “Viewable only by Gold members” or “Viewable by anyone” respectively.

Viewing restrictions can also be set for the category to which the video belongs.

Can become a video platform without using external services.

Administrators/members can upload directly to the running server without using external services such as Youtube.
(URLs can also be pasted using Youtube).

This also allows administrators to use media content uploaded by users as their own content.
(If you wish to use a member’s content, please be sure to clearly state so in the Terms of Use.)

Of course, we can also design for the use of external services.
We have many experience in this area, including “implementation of video uploading functionality using AWS S3 signed URLs.