One-time sales function

Enables individual sales of articles and content

All kinds of content such as videos, PDFs, blog posts, images, etc. can be sold separately from subscriptions.
For example, you can sell a popular article for ³,000 (arbitrarily set price).

When free members or users (non-members) actually via a Membership Website, they may have needs such as “I want to read this article, but not enough to sign up for a paid membership.

By satisfying the needs of such users, it will also help to significantly increase the rate of continued paid subscriptions.

The contents themselves can be set to be available for viewing for a set number of days, the sales period can be set, and multiple products can be selected for purchase and payment at once.

We also provide HTTPS communication using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security). Please leave the security measures to us.

Depends on the requirement definition.
This is a content sales function. Please refer to the “Product Sales” system page for the sales system for tangible products.

Image of one-shot sales function
Easy-to-understand cart design for operators and users
The operator can sell the contents (videos and articles) by simply entering the product name and price on the contents setting screen.

Users simply add the content they want to the cart and pay with credit card or PayPal to complete the purchase.

Special content can be actively sold separately from the membership fee to help monetize.

Selling electronic content is also easy, as the content of the e-mail automatically sent to the purchaser after purchase can be edited.

Build Salon EC

Initial requirements designed from the operator’s requirements.

Initial specifications are designed after hearing requirements from the actual operator.

Product status can be set to “Product name”, “Amount”, “Stock”, “ID”, and “Free input field”.
Member ranks to be sold can be set.
Sales price can be changed for each membership rank.
Exporting the settled items in CSV format.
Add a button to enable sales to non-members.
(When a non-member makes a purchase, a link is automatically sent to the purchaser’s e-mail address, which can be viewed for one day only.)
Basic shipping cost setting
(When a non-member purchases, a link is automatically sent to the purchaser’s email address to view the content for one day only.
Edit the content of the automatic email sent after purchase.
Set the period of time during which the contents can be viewed after purchase.
Set up purchases with points (linked to the point system).
Cancellation settings (cancellation dates can be set arbitrarily)

These are the features that have been particularly requested by the businesses that actually operate.
These will be implemented as initial requirements.

Coupon system implemented as an initial requirement

In the EC system, the initial requirement is for the administrator to issue, distribute, and promote coupons from the management screen.

Members can enter the coupon sent by the administrator in their shopping cart when making a purchase, and a discount will be applied.
Coupons can also be distributed on other websites as needed. This can be used as a means of attracting customers.

The administrator can set the date and time of availability, discount rate, and other details.

The discount amount can be changed for each membership rank. Coupons can also be issued for non-members.

Requests for retrofitting original specifications and functions are acceptable.

We can also develop your original specifications.

We can develop specifications ranging from a rough idea, such as “We want to incorporate the concept of inventory.
We can also provide detailed specifications such as, “We would like to assign an ID to each product, list which users are selling that ID, and have the management side understand what products each user is selling.

We can also retrofit functions after development and implementation.
If you have any questions during operation, such as “I still want to do this,” or “I want to do this as sales increase,” please feel free to contact us through chat, e-mail, or meetings at any time.

We also accept design requests separately. (Additional fees apply).

Please feel free to contact us.
We will realize your requests and requirements.

If a customer requests to set the number of days a single purchase can be viewed, we will add a setting field.

This will allow customers to flexibly set other contents by themselves without having to ask us or other vendors to do it for them.