Tip Acceptance

“Tip is accepted for articles, videos, and other content posted by the administrator. You can place the button anywhere you like.

Receiving tips for contents
members can use credit cards, PayPal, etc. to give money to the contents posted by the administrator (operator).

The button can be placed on the top page or right sidebar, as well as in the articles, and members can do so at any time.

Please use this as a route to monetization other than the monthly fee for members.

Please be sure to accept tips for your content in accordance with the Funds Settlement Law.
Click here to learn more about the ZOOMTip function.

Easily add buttons to your content
Running costs are zero due to the buy-one-get-one-free system.

Members can support the administrator with any amount they wish.

Customers can add their own requirements such as “”I want to introduce my own payment”” or “”I want to add a member rank that can be performed.

Wording such as “”Tip if you like this article”” or “”Tip an article”” can also be changed from the administration screen at any time at the customer’s discretion.

Intuitive operation for receipt
Members can send tips with just a few clicks of a button.

The administrator can check the member’s history from the management screen, assign membership ranks to members who have spent more than a certain amount, and send special offers.
The system can be used for a variety of purposes depending on your ideas.

Example of Tip’s management screen
From the management screen, you can change the wording and settings. You can change the wording and settings at any time from the administration screen.
The minimum amount of money and button design can be changed at any time at the discretion of the administrator from the online salon management screen.
You can also add new functions or make minor design changes according to your customers’ requests.
(e.g., adding tip buttons (500 yen, 1,000 yen, 3,000 yen), etc.)

Running cost is 0 yen!

This is a buy-out system, so there is no need to pay any commissions to us after operation.
Even when PayPal or Stripe (credit card payment) is incorporated, it boasts a high return rate of 96%~ or more. 1
If you make your own payment, you do not need to pay any commission to the payment agency.

1 PayPal’s commission 3.6 % + 40 yen per transaction (standard rate)”