Invitation Code Systems

“Easy operation and simple application

Members can access their own My Page and issue codes as many times as they like by clicking on the code issue button.

It is also possible to create a separate page introducing the referral benefits and explain them on the page in an easy-to-use manner.

Example of referral system development (system to check who has invited whom)

Unique specifications can be developed
Example of development of a system to check invitees and invitees in a tree format: “”Which member invited which member?

It is possible to manage “”which member invited which member”” on the tree.
It is possible to construct a system that grants points to the introducer when a member is introduced to another member.

Only certain ranks of members can be given points.
I want the administrator to be able to manually assign members on the tree.
I want the administrator to be able to manually add members to the tree.
I want to do a batch import by CSV.
The administrator can enter the referral code for each member registered in advance, and the members will be automatically assigned accordingly.

We can also accommodate unique requirements of each business. All of these can be realized.

Example of development of automatic e-mail notification when a referral code is applied
Leave the development of email notifications to us!
We can also handle requirements such as email notifications and notifications at the time of application.”