Platform Development

We develop and implement a system (platform) that can manage multiple Membership Websites by separating administrators and operators.

Image of platform construction
Platform design and development
We will implement an ownership system and platform function that has three structures: “”administrator,”” “”operator,”” and “”members.
(Normally, there are two structures: “”administrator”” and “”member””)

The administrator (the customer browsing this page) provides the platform to the operator, and the operator is responsible for providing content to members.
The administrator receives a portion of the membership fee earned by the operator as a fee for using the platform.

However, since the actual opening of the platform is done by the user (or administrator), there are no costs incurred even if the number of platforms is increased.
All of the systems we develop are completely buyout-based.

This is ideal for a business model in which users are continuously charged a fee for providing a place for others to operate.

Example of design up to the opening of a salon (initial requirements)
1. set the conditions under which the administrator can open a salon (membership rank, percentage of fees collected, etc.)
2. member applies to open a salon from “”My Page
3. administrator checks and approves or rejects the application
4. completion of salon opening

Image of setting up multiple fee plans
Collective management of multiple salons (platform)
The concept of “”Parent Salon”” and “”Child Salon”” will be introduced to enable multiple child salons to be opened within one parent salon.
The initial requirement is that the operator can own and operate one membership website, and the administrator collects payment fees from the operator.

Stand-alone type
(2 structures of authority for administrator/operator and members)
Batch management (platform type)
(3 authorization structures for administrator, operator, and members)

The above batch management functions will be implemented.

About the design
The following functions will be developed and implemented as initial requirements.

▼ Member functions
Account creation/deletion
Payment method selection
Log in/log out → Log in with various SNS accounts
Select a salon to join.
Search function in salon
Profile registration/edit → View other member’s profile
Notification setting from salon
Category selection/viewing
Contents registration/editing
Like/View→Settings for liking
Bookmark function
Reset password
Online chat with other members or the operator

Operator Functions
Live Streaming
Online meeting (ZOOM)
Viewing member information (personal information)
Viewing of conversation history in the salon
Viewing member payment history
Online chat for Q&A with members
Send simultaneous messages to members
Allow members to join/leave the salon
Set the amount to be charged
Surveying members
Allow members to view the site when they are not logged in or have not joined the site

▼ Administrator Functions
Live broadcasts
Register/edit content categories
Fix/Unfix contents
Deletion of contents/comments by members
Send simultaneous messages to members
Setting/Editing Authority
Invite/withdraw members
Edit salon introduction page
View salon analysis data
Individual message function
Authority to edit contents in salon
Set membership fee and percentage of fees collected.
Authority to view member information
Authority to view salon conversations
Individual setting of fee collection amount for each salon
Set the date and time of payment to the operator
Automatic payment to the operator
Monthly billing amount setting
Set the monthly fee.
Change the name of “”salon”” to any string (e.g., school)
Set the name of the “”salon”” to any string (e.g., “”school””) ・Set the free subscription (setting to allow users to join a child salon without becoming a paying member)
View/delete salon contents opened by the operator.

Example of specifications
Payment from the administrator to the operator is remitted through a bank or other financial institution.
Setup to display the operator’s information such as the following items in order to make payments.

Operator’s name
Amount of sales by the operator
Reward rate
Amount of payment (reward amount)
Account information for transfer

Flow of sales
Member (student) → Administrator → Operator (tutor)
The specification shows the amount to be paid to the operator.

The following items are required for the operator’s bank registration.

Name of financial institution
Branch name (store number)
Type of deposit (ordinary, current)
Account number
Account name

A demo site for images of platform implementation is now available.

Design an easy-to-manage management screen with no code

We design the management screen UI so that it is easy for the administrator to operate.
The administrator (client) can change the percentage of commissions collected from operators, salon opening restrictions, email settings, etc. at any time without programming and with no code.

Setting items can be increased by separate development.
(e.g. show/hide registrants to other members)
Various Initial Requirements
The initial requirements allow the operator to do things such as ZOOM live-streaming to its own members without having to go through an administrator.

Other requirements include
opening application management system on the administrator’s side
…administrators (customers) can check the information of opened by the operator, set the type of salon, change the name of “”salon”” to any string (e.g., “”school””), set the commission rate, and approve or reject the application from the administration screen.
management system for operators
…information, subscribers, and payment locations for commissions can be managed by the operator.
Automatic Mail Sending System
…Automatically sends an e-mail when the administrator approves an application to open.
We will develop the platform with functions and systems that are essential for platform operation as standard features, such as

Flexible setting changes are possible on a case-by-case basis
Since we develop our own management panel, there is no need to contact us when changing settings.

Customers can change settings by themselves each time.

We are willing to accept unique requirements.
We are willing to accept original specifications for platform implementation.
(A separate request will be made based on the implemented system.)

Examples of development for unique requirements
Salon owners can have their own membership websites displayed at the top by paying an advertising fee.
Ensure that salon owners cannot open free salons (salons cannot be opened for 0 yen).
Enable automatic billing for each child salon and for each member rank.
When a member tries to join a child salon, the description and the amount of automatic charge will be displayed for each member rank.
Members can select multiple membership ranks to subscribe to a salon.

Please leave any detailed requirements to us, such as “”We would like the type of membership to be reflected in the list of subscribers that the operator can see, as well as in the subscriber’s My Page.

Please contact us for a free estimate.”