Reservation and payment acceptance system

The system accepts reservations for lessons and other services from users and payment at the same time.

Development of a reservation acceptance and payment management system
Members can smoothly make reservations and payments for lessons and seminars to the operator.
The operator can receive payment efficiently.

The administrator will be able to register events and accept reservations from members and non-members via the management screen on PCs and smartphones.

Event types can be divided by category to handle a wide variety of event types.

The fee specified by the administrator is settled when the reservation is confirmed, and if there is a cancellation before the event start date and time, the fee is refunded to the user, leaving a cancellation fee from there.
(The provisions for cancellation fees vary from one requirement to another.)

If there is a confirmed time, it cannot be selected when another member makes a reservation, preventing double booking (duplication of reservations).

Even if the system is operated by multiple administrators, users can make reservations by nominating among them.

Immediate payment is made by credit card at the time of reservation, thus preventing problems such as members not paying cancellation fees in the event of an unauthorized cancellation by a member.

The system can also be set up to accept two or more multiple applications for the same time slot, making it possible to hold seminars and other events.

Reservation System (My Page Reservation Status Display)

Members can check their reservation status at any time on their My Page (initial requirement).
Members can check the reservation status at any time on their own My Page.

Cancellation fee can be set

This reservation system allows credit card payment at the time of reservation confirmation.
When a cancellation request is received from a member or non-member, the system will refund the money, leaving a cancellation fee.

The cancellation fee setting varies depending on the requirements. It can be specified at the time of the initial production request.

We are planning to use this system to accept reservations for meetings and tea ceremonies inside or outside of the Membership Website, and to accept reservations for online lectures within the English Conversation Membership Website.

Examples of applications we have received are as follows