Basic System Security

We will develop the base system including automatic management of admission and withdrawal applications, member management functions, and a system for re-issuing member passwords.

0 yen fixed cost

Completely buy-out type, running cost is 0
Our production service is completely on a buy-out basis, and is not a subscription-based service, which is often associated with running costs.
We develop, produce, and deliver the product according to the customer’s requirements.

You can operate and use the system permanently as your own resource without using a platform.

The only thing we ask for at the time of construction is the system production cost.
Once created, the system will run semi-permanently on the customer’s server.
Systems other than the basic system are also completely buy-out type.

Here is the difference from the operation method using other companies’ services.

There is no obligation to display the license, and the ownership of the software is transferred to the customer, so the software can be used as the customer’s property and asset.
(Patches for updates to the software are distributed free of charge, and the customer can decide whether or not to apply them.)

In addition, since we do not depend on the services of other companies, as long as the servers are up and running, the business can be developed semi-permanently.
You can also change the server or migrate to your own one according to your Membership Website. (Details)

We pursue zero dependence on other services and zero running costs in order for our customers to use our service as part of their full-fledged business.

Basic implementation of necessary functions
From responsive standard design to detailed specifications such as access history display of articles you have posted.

An example of initial requirements
Automatic management of membership application
Member registration form setup and editing (setting of input items for member registration, such as phone number, etc.)
Member My Page and profile editing
Reissue system for member passwords
Temporary member registration system (validation of email address by sending an email)
Member management (checking member’s registered information)
Spam/Violation Reporting and Management
Interface and design settings (background settings, etc.)