We incorporate and implement the learning management system required to implement e-learning. You can manage the learning progress of your members.

Build Salon LMS
Build our original lecture system
LMS (Learning Management System) is a system that integrates and manages the delivery of learning materials and grades, etc., necessary for implementing e-learning.
The operator can accept and manage reservations for lessons and seminars.
It can also be used to manage member registration, payment (subscriptions), and withdrawal requests in an integrated manner.

We can flexibly build a learning support system to meet your requirements, such as content locking and video course settings.

Various initial requirements
Basic functions (member registration management, registration application management, membership fee payment management, member management, withdrawal application management, etc.)
Smartphone/tablet/PC support
Membership fee payment (pay-as-you-go, continuous subscription)
・Multi instructor registration (multiple instructors can be registered)…Multiple instructors can publish their teaching materials.
ZOOM / GoogleClassrooms integration (Classroom streams, files, and other functions can be used directly from the online salon)
Trial course function
Course display on the top page

Student Functions
1. login ID/password
(Basic functions are available) 2.
2. course list
(All published courses can be viewed from the archive page) 3.
3. course registration
4. table of contents
5. display of progress rate, study time, etc.
(Progress bar is displayed on all members’ My Page) 6.
6. learning View videos and slides
(All courses and lessons can embed videos from internal MP4, external YouTube, Vimeo, external URL, or embedded URL. You can also embed Google Slides by selecting the Google web publishing option)
7. test questions and answers

Management function
8. student registration
(Login is required to access content)
9. course registration

10. Guidance function
Viewing course history Check student progress, scores, and other learning status.
11.Report management: assign reports, check report collection status, and grade/evaluate reports (albums, assignments, tests, reports)
(Album, assignment, test, and report functions are available)

Question Management
check and answer questions submitted by students

13.Teaching material management functions
Create/edit courses Create courses and edit created courses
14.Create/edit course structure Edit information such as chapters/units
15. assign learning material Assign created learning content such as videos, tests, reference materials, etc. to courses
(can include docs, pdfs, mp4s, and other media files)
16. locking of learning materials (courses can only be accessed after certain conditions have been met)
Date specification
Course content can be made available X days after registration
Course content can be used sequentially
Unlocking of course after completion of prerequisites

Student side
17. video (class) viewing
18. live class attendance
(direct delivery or ZOOM, etc.)
19. ask questions via chat
20. assignments from the instructor
(Members can submit assignments and quizzes to be graded using a gradebook) 21.
21. monitor learning progress
(members can view progress rates, test results, and review assignments) 22.
22. download a certificate upon completion of the course

Instructor side
23. monitor and advise on practice
24. review tests and present problems to the instructor

In addition to these initial requirements, we can develop the necessary functions according to the requirements of the business (customer).
Please feel free to contact us.

Student management (basic information, learning and course progress management, learning time analysis, achievement rate analysis, learning plan formulation, learning utilization rate, video viewing status, interview records)
Classroom management (classroom allocation and remaining seats), facilities and equipment management

Teaching materials and schedule creation, teaching materials and equipment management
Video education, educational content, drill materials
Parent communication (arrival and departure from school, communication), security measures during arrival and departure from school, monitoring system
School administration support (monthly fee management, teacher management, operation management)
Management of multiple stores, franchises, and agencies

All of these can be built as an integrated system.

Development of a test function to confirm effectiveness as an initial requirement
A test function to actually check student learning results can be developed and implemented as a standard requirement.

Complex requirements unique to each business can also be implemented.

I want to change the courses to be displayed according to the courses taken.
We want to vary the monthly fee depending on the number of courses taken (9,800 yen/month for one course, 17,300 yen/month for two courses).
We would like to link (use API) with an existing LMS (user search, registration, deletion, update, etc.).
We can also handle all of the operator’s unique requirements, such as
We can also accommodate individual design specifications.

We can also handle the online conversion of existing classes and lectures.

We can also consult with you on payment methods for membership fees, course setup, etc.

For example
Linking with one-time sales, you can view a list of available training courses (displaying duration and price).
Narrow down the available training courses by category and keywords.
Enable revenue sharing with instructors.
Enable course restrictions (e.g., if you take 1 course, you can take 2 courses).
Automatic display of the course when it is available, and automatic hiding of the course when it is overdue.
etc.Administrators can answer questions from members
The Q&A function, in which the administrator answers questions from members, can be restricted according to membership rank.

Gold members can view their own questions and answers plus the questions and answers of other members.
Silver members can view only their own questions and answers.

Silver members can view only their own questions and answers,” and so on.

Other Initial Requirements
Grid display of courses
Indication of the number of points earned upon completion of a course (when linked to the point system). (When linked to the point system).
Indication of the number of points to be consumed when taking a course.
Manual addition and management of course attendance records by the administrator.

When a course is sold individually, the price of the course is indicated. (When linked to a point system)
When a course is sold individually, the payment address can be changed to the person who registered for the course (instructor).
Create a “My Page” where course attendance records can be disclosed.
Create a “My Page” where course attendance records and other information can be made public.
Display of membership ranks for course eligibility.

Please feel free to consult with us about your own specifications.

Please contact us for details.

It is also possible to automatically award points upon completion of a course or when certain conditions are met.
(Linkage with point system)

We can also link with a separately developed one-off sales system, allowing e-learning courses to be sold as a stand-alone service, separate from membership fees.

Add a display setting for E-Learning courses on the instructor’s My Page.
Please consult us about the design.
Please consult us for responsive as well as individual material design.