Payment form implementation and payment management

Implement a form that allows you to settle and manage any amount from members and non-members on a case-by-case basis. This is recommended if you need a quote and offer a one-time service. Receipts are also issued automatically.

Example of Buildsalon Payment Form UI

Manage payments from members and non-members on a case-by-case basis
Recommended when providing a one-time service (e.g., cleaning service) that requires a quote and is not a fixed price content or product.
0. provide the customer with a quote number and the name of the item
1. the administrator enters the quote number (numbers only), billing details/item name (text), and amount
2. customer enters the quote number 3.
(3) Payment information entered in (1) is automatically displayed to the customer (4) Customer makes payment
4. customer makes payment
5. confirmation by administrator
We recommend introducing this system when sales of irregular items other than membership fees occur or are expected to occur on a regular basis.

Credit card (initial requirement), carrier payment (optional), PayPal (optional), and others are available.

*This is an implementation of the post-quote payment form. For recurring content or product sales, please see One-time Sales (EC function).

You can check the history of add-modify-delete, etc.
For each quote number entered by the administrator, you can check the history of payments made by customers.

Example of implementation
Customer payment and its management for cleaning services
Payment of consulting fees
Termite extermination
In the case of remodeling and extension, the estimated amount is calculated after consultation with the member. As a means of payment.
As a means of payment after online quotation for moving.
As a means of payment for the commission paid to the operator of a business matching service (for large projects).

We also support various other types of businesses. Please contact us for more information.