Job Posting Functions

Administrators and members can post jobs on the Membership Website.

As a business-to-business matching site
Job postings can be posted by the administrator or members.
Job seekers can view information such as job capabilities.
Provide a place where job seekers can consult with job seekers.
Salon owners charge a stipulated fee for introductions and mediation once an agreement has been reached.

The site can be operated as a business-to-business matching site, and when a match is made, an intermediary fee can be collected.

We will flexibly develop and design the system according to your business. Please feel free to contact us.

Examples of items that can be posted and managed

Company Information
Company name
Company Logo
Company address
Application e-mail address
Company website URL
Company introduction video
Other Company Information

Job Information
Job type (regular, freelance, part-time, contract, volunteer, etc.)
Job expiration date
Job details including job description, salary, benefits, working hours, licenses, required experience, details, etc.

Other flexible development and design can be done according to the needs of the operator.