CBT:Computer Based Testing

The exam will be administered online. A certificate can also be issued after passing the test.

Certificate (completion certificate) issued automatically

Certification exams can be held on the Membership Website. Various qualifications for the exam can be set.

After passing the certification exam, members can download the certificate in PDF format from the completion screen or My Page, and print it out as needed.
The system automatically issues the certificate without the need for the administrator to issue it each time.

A unique ID number is automatically assigned to the certificate, and the operator’s signature can be automatically added.

The certificate design can be changed or newly created. (If you wish to request this service, it will be charged separately.)

Various initial requirements
The expiration date of the certificate can be set by the administrator.
The expiration date is automatically extended if the conditions set by the administrator are met.

We will implement the functions required for the actual operation of the online examination system, such as the following.

Please feel free to consult with us about your unique specifications.