Chat Room Functions

Users can chat with other BBS users or between administrators and users.
The difference from the direct message function is that it can be updated in real time.

Real-time chat among members

Real-time chat is available between members or between the administrator and a member.

Users can communicate with each other without disclosing their e-mail addresses to other users.

Also, since members can communicate with each other without using external services such as Skype or LINE, it is easier for the administrator to know when there is a problem between members.

The system is a completely original system with no monthly fees and does not use any external services, so it is recommended for operators who want to provide stable services over a long period of time.

Individual chat rooms can be created

Chat rooms can be created by the administrator on the management screen.
Created chat rooms are displayed on a dedicated page.

Restrictions can also be placed on member ranks. This can be used to differentiate member ranks.
You can also set a password to open the chat room to a limited number of members.

You can also set individual notifications when a member speaks in a chat room.

Please make use of this service to revitalize your online salon.

*2 Depends on construction requirements.

Chat history can be extracted in CSV format

Chat exchanged between members can be exported in CSV format. The downloaded CSV file can be displayed on a smartphone or edited in Excel or spreadsheet.
You can use it to check the chats between members.

Since IP addresses can also be obtained, countermeasures against malicious spam are possible.
Since the membership ranks of members who have made comments can also be obtained, statistics such as “what membership ranks are most popular” can be collected and used as data for establishing membership rank rates.

As a bulletin board, the design will be based on the opinions of the actual operators.

Depending on the requirements, it can be used as a bulletin board by placing it on the top page, etc.

The administrator can set whether or not the user can delete his/her own postings in each chat room.

We can propose other specifications without any troublesome design.
The following is an example of initial requirements.

Add the ability to delete individual messages on the message board only by the administrator.
Mention and reply functions on the bulletin board
Add search function in BBS
Pagination in BBS

Ability to post images in chat rooms

Media files can be exchanged

Images and media files can be exchanged.

Depending on requirements, large file sizes such as videos can also be exchanged.