Create a Contact Us page

Implement a form to receive inquiries from members or non-members.

Upon receipt of the inquiry, the inquiry will be sent to the administrator’s e-mail address.

This function allows for receiving inquiries from users.

A responsive inquiry form is implemented.
The administrator can receive and respond to inquiries and questions about the site from members and non-members.

Attachments can be attached, and PDF documents, images, and videos can be sent.

Administrators and questioners can receive inquiries without disclosing their own e-mail addresses.
When reCaptcha is installed at the same time, it is included in the protection.

Inquiries can be managed from the administration screen at once & address book is automatically created

When a user makes an inquiry, the inquiry is automatically recorded on the management screen.

In addition, contact information such as the inquirer’s e-mail address and phone number will be stored, making it possible to ask users who are considering enrollment about the progress of their consideration.

Accepting inquiries from non-members

When registering as a member, it is necessary to receive inquiries from users about payment methods.
Inquiries can be accepted even when the user is not a registered member.
Inquiries can be accepted without the administrator having to disclose his/her own e-mail address.