Points system

Main Trigger Initial Requirements
At the time of registration
Anniversary (once a year)
When logging in
When posting content
When a link is clicked
When you play a video
When referring a customer (linked to the invitation code system)*1
When submitting an inquiry form (linked to the inquiry form)
When answering a survey (linked to the survey system)
Upon completion of study questions/courses (linkage to e-learning system)*1

In addition to the above, we can also develop other systems to meet the unique requirements of your business.

⋆Some triggers require separate development. Please request a quotation for details.

Example of point system transfer application UI
Points can be purchased and withdrawn
Members can purchase points in addition to points earned outside of membership registration and login (PayPal in the initial requirement).

Members can also apply for withdrawal of points from My Page, depending on the administrator’s settings.
Members can enter any amount from My Page and request a withdrawal request.

Withholding tax by the administrator is also supported as standard.
For example, “Withholding tax only on amounts of 120,000 yen or more” can be set.

Withdrawal requests that have been accepted can be viewed at a glance from the administration screen.
Export to CSV is also available.
Please feel free to consult with us about your own requirements.

The conditions under which you can apply are
Minimum redemption amount
Age limit (20 years old or older, etc.)
and more, can be set from the management screen.

The image is an example of the construction. We can design the system for a separate fee.

Image of point system
members can apply for bank transfers (switchable on/off).
Bank account information storage function
Withholding tax function
CSV export function for bank transfer applications
Automatic point allocation by member rank
Automatic point allocation triggers can be set by the administrator.
Setting of conditions for transfer application (age/minimum withdrawal amount)
Commission collection
Administrators can check the number of points and grant points manually.
Point usage/spending for e-commerce purchases (linkage with one-off sales/goods sales systems)
Point purchases via PayPal/points purchased are combined.
Numerous other initial requirements

In addition to the initial requirements other than those listed above, we can also provide linkage with your own specifications (e.g., batch output of the number of points held by each member in a membership information export system, etc.).

Please contact us for a free quotation request.