Exporting Membership Information

You can output member’s registration information in CSV format, allowing you to get a summary of member’s information (name, gender, date of birth, address, etc.) with a single click.
*The creation option for creating a special commercial code, terms of use, and privacy policy is required.

All member information can be extracted in CSV format.

The administrator can export (download) all member information such as email address, address, gender, date of birth, etc.members in CSV format.

E-mail address
Phone number
Membership Rank
Settlement date…Date of past settlements
Number of registration days…Number of days since registration date
Number of successful payments…Number of successful payments
Total Settlement Amount…Cumulative amount of settlement

You can also filter by conditions such as the date of registration.
Member information can be analyzed to determine future development, and data can be provided to affiliated companies to increase revenue generation channels.
(Consent is required at the time of member registration.)

*Refer to “Member Information Import Function” if you want to import member information.

Unique requirements can also be supported.

If you have other information you would like to export other than the above, we can accommodate it.

It is also possible to link with other systems you have developed, such as the batch export of “the number of points held by each member.
(Interlocking with separately developed point systems, etc.)

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