Built-in PayPay

Enables easy payment of membership dues using PayPay balance.

Membership fee payment with PayPay

We develop and design the system so that members can pay their membership dues regularly via PayPay from their smartphones or PCs.
The administrator (manager) can receive the membership fee by cash transfer.

Settlement Flow
Members access the membership fee payment information page.
Member selects “PayPay Payment” as payment method.
The member’s PayPay application is automatically launched and the payment confirmation screen is displayed.
The member presses “Accept” to complete the payment.
Two-step verification is supported as standard.

PayPay” and the “PayPay logo” are registered trademarks of Z Holdings Co.
To introduce PayPay settlement, the operator must be a corporation.

The introduction of a recognized payment method is expected to increase the payment rate.
someone say,
“I don’t feel comfortable entering credit card numbers”
“Bank transfers are too cumbersome”
“I use a low-cost SIM, so I can’t use carrier payment”

PayPay payment can be completed with just a few taps, which is expected to increase the payment rate.

PayPay is a payment method that is widely used throughout Japan, so members can feel secure in their payments.