YouTube™️ Live Streaming

Stable live video streaming using the mighty servers of YouTube™️.

Build Salon Membership Website on YouTube Linkage System
Live video delivery using YouTube™️ servers
Stable live video delivery using YouTube’s powerful servers.

Connect the Membership Website system to the YouTube channel using the “”YouTube Live Streaming API,”” start live streaming from the management screen, send the URL (YouTube) of the live streaming destination to salon users via e-mail as with Zoom integration, and send the URL to users who receive the URL via the native YouTube application (or YouTube). Users who receive the URL can watch the live streaming on the YouTube native application (or browser).

Initial Requirements
Automatic check of live streaming status
Player size (in pixels) can be specified by the administrator.
Content can be specified by administrator when waiting for live streaming.
Administrators can specify the URL (page) of the live-streaming page.
Specify the rank of members who can view the live streaming by administrator

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Examples of requirements
Y1. seminar-type delivery like Zoom™️ webinar
One-way delivery format like so-called online seminars.
Avoid screen split where participants’ faces are visible to other participants.
Allow viewers to ask and answer questions and make comments during the delivery.

Y2. restrict YouTube Live viewing by member group (paid plan A, etc.)
The premise of YouTube Live is that it will be distributed in limited public access.
Set up member groups that can watch from the administration screen, and start YouTube Live streaming. (The start itself is also done on the management screen. (The start itself is also done on the Online Salon administration screen to complete the operation.)
A unique YouTube Live URL is issued even for limited public access, and the URL is automatically notified to the users in the member group that set the URL or by e-mail.
Users click on the URL, watch the video on the native YouTube application, and complete communication during the streaming on the YouTube application side.

Y3. archives of past YouTube live-streaming videos can be checked
The premise is that YouTube Live is distributed on a limited public basis.
Users will be able to check the archives of past live-streaming videos, and watch the missed videos.
The user can check the archive of past live-streamed videos and watch the missed ones.

(Additional requirements below) Y4.
Y4. management of member status
Link members to their YouTube accounts (Google brand accounts).
→ After users register, they can log in to Youtube as necessary after the videos become viewable, similar to the ZOOM integration system (users can comment after logging in to Youtube).

Y5. Distribution Flow
The administrator sets up the live streaming on the administrator screen (member group permissions, etc.).
The administrator starts the live streaming on the administrator screen (Start YouTube Live)
The administrator starts the live-streaming from the administrator’s screen (start of YouTube Live).
→ The URL sent at this time is not the direct URL of YouTube Live, but the URL generated by the salon.
User] Watch the live streaming from the received URL.
→ Depending on the aforementioned URL, if it is a direct URL of YouTube Live, some users will watch the live streaming using YouTube App.
User comments, etc. can be synchronized between the two (direct viewing of YouTube Live and viewing of YouTube Live mounted on the salon side).
→ If they can be synchronized, there is no problem in the form that both sides can be tolerated.
→ If not, the online salon side should be used for synchronization.
→ In the case of YouTube live streaming mounted on the salon side, the UI of the live streaming should be the same as that of YouTube in order to emphasize communication with the users.

Y6. linkage with archived videos of past live shows
Y6. Automatic generation of live-streaming videos that have already been distributed on [YouTube].
→ In principle, live-streaming should be “”limited public””.
→ Y7. Archive URLs of videos distributed to a limited group of members will be made public according to the rank of the members.
Past live-streaming videos can be viewed according to the viewing privileges of the member group to which the user belongs on the [administration screen].
→ Æ For YouTube-only videos, the relevant URL (which cannot be viewed without knowing the URL) is linked to the member group and displayed.

Total items
The distribution settings on the administrator’s side and the viewing environment for end users can be completed on the website (administration screen).
The key point is whether the YouTube Live UI and usability can be replicated (ease of commenting, display of comment timeline, etc.).
However, if the above two points are difficult to achieve using an IFrame format, that is not the case (in that case, we will give up on the idea of incorporating the live stream into the site and consider sending it to YouTube).
Control of the YouTube archive URL of the live stream that is the past log (contents of Y6)

The above are examples of requirements that can be developed. Please contact us for details.

We will design and develop flexibly according to your requirements.
In addition to the above requirements, we can design and develop flexibly according to your needs.

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