NFT (Non-Flagging Token) Development

Develop NFT-related systems. Memberships, etc. can be issued and operated as NFTs (non-substitutional tokens). Please contact us for specific requests.

Example of NFT wallet linked system development
Possibilities are endless with Membership Website x NFT
We have many engineers who are strong in NFT.
We have experience in the development and production of the following systems.

Membership Website membership granting using NFT
Implementation of contents that can be viewed only by members who have a specific NFT.
Login by MetaMask. (When users log in to MetaMask, the NFTs they own are read, and the number of contents they can access is unlocked accordingly, etc.)
Establishment of a marketplace for NFTs.
Sell NFT art on the Membership Website.
Issue NFT trading cards and distribute them to members.
Distribute NFT contents to designated members/non-members by converting them to NFT from the management screen.
Sell NFT contents to members/non-members for a fee by converting them to NFT from the administration screen.
Sell NFTs in the form of live commerce
Development of NFT games that can be played by registered members
Implementation of IDO
Development of gifting function in fan clubs (guess activity)
Development of NFT memberships for admission to facilities
Development of NFT memberships and other memberships

We have a lot of experience in NFT-related development, such as the development of NFT memberships.
Of course, development using existing APIs is also possible.

We are an official member of BCCC (Blockchain Promotion Council of Japan), and we can provide you with reliable technical capabilities.
Please feel free to contact us.