Troubleshooting Support Desk

When problems with members occur during operation, we support the resolution of the situation.

Prompt support when problems occur with members
We support you when you have a problem with your members.
I want to develop a new business, but I want you to examine it carefully to see if there are any problems.
I want to develop a new business.
I have a problem with a member and am about to be sued (or have been sued).

We provide support for the purpose of “resolving problems” that occur during the operation of a business, such as the above.

Consultation and answers to questions are free of charge, and fees will be charged only when a response is necessary.

We have a wealth of experience in the operation of this service, and we will support you and lead you to a solution quickly and accurately.

This service is mainly intended for problems with members. We provide free after-sales support for normal support such as “I don’t know how to operate the system.”