Maintenance and Inspection Services

Maintenance and inspection services. Technical support is available.

Build Salon Maintenance and Inspection Service
Maintenance and inspection service specialized for Membership Website
In addition to our free after-sales support service, we can provide more in-depth technical support by using our maintenance and inspection service, including support for server settings. This service is recommended for businesses that are considering full-fledged business development.

Instead of a monthly subscription that incurs running costs, you can purchase tickets in advance or as needed.
This allows you to receive support only when you need it, without having to pay extra fees!

Examples of situations that can be handled by the maintenance and inspection service
One ticket is available for 5,000 yen (tax not included) and can be purchased when needed. (Tickets can also be purchased in advance in bulk.)

Server downtime recovery (1 ticket)
Response to a site failure due to an attack (1 ticket)
Prevention of tampering, viruses, and malware infection (2 tickets)
Security updates for applications and server modules (1 ticket)
Application updates (1 ticket per application)
Server package/system updates (1 ticket)
Fault handling (1 ticket)
Security measures (1-5 tickets)
Adjustments (1 ticket) due to changes in social login system specifications (if any)
Overall server review (1 ticket)
Prevent server downtime by scaling up or down to handle sudden spikes in access (1 ticket)
Additional online meetings (1 ticket for 30 minutes)

Other flexible arrangements depending on the situation.
Flexible fee (ticket) plans based on the business’s situation
Maintenance and inspection services are not provided on a monthly contract basis, but rather on tickets purchased in advance or as needed.

We want to keep monthly costs low, so we only need monthly maintenance to ensure that the web server does not go down.
“We want to keep our monthly costs low, so we only need monthly maintenance to keep the web server up and running.
Please consult with us about your own requests such as “We want to keep costs low, so we only need monthly management to keep the web server running.

We will do our best to support your operation with no running costs.

Since maintenance and inspection services vary depending on the size of the facility, please request a quote using our free quote form for more details.

Maintenance and Inspection
We also offer a fixed monthly fee service.
We don’t want the cost of maintenance and inspection to fluctuate every month.
We also offer a fixed monthly maintenance and inspection service for customers who do not want their maintenance and inspection costs to fluctuate every month.
We can handle everything from server management to system and emergency troubleshooting, all in one package.

Domain and server management (including periodic SSL updates)
Fixing program and system problems
Emergency troubleshooting

and other tasks to ensure uninterrupted browsing and use of the site are included in the package. This service can be outsourced for a fixed fee.
Reference cost: 10,000 yen/month or more