Social Login

Enables users to register and log in to the Membership Website using major SNS accounts.
Support for a wide variety of major social networking sites
Apple ID (Available from the end of September 2020)
LinkedIn (to be available from the end of September 2020)
Instagram (to be launched in September 2021)
TikTok (to be available from April 2022)

TikTok (available from April 2022), and many other major SNS accounts.

All logos and service names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies in Japan or other countries.
Instagram is subject to a screening process before introduction.

We can also develop detailed specifications such as “After registering with social login,users will be redirected to the payment page”.

We take care of all the implementation!

All you have to do is specify the social logins you want to install at the time of quotation.
You can leave everything to us, including account acquisition, application, screening, and installation.
There is no need to prepare a social account or take any other troublesome procedures. We also take care of all the renewal procedures.

We can also create a privacy policy for handling personal information obtained when logging in to the online salon for the first time with your SNS account.
(For more information about login with Apple, click here)

Simplified member registration helps increase the number of registrants
In some SNS (e.g., Facebook), when a user registers for SNS, the e-mail address registered in the SNS can be automatically acquired and registered as the member’s e-mail address. Active e-mail addresses of users can be obtained.

In addition, it can eliminate the need for email address input, password setting, and confirmation (temporary registration flow) at the time of registration, which contributes to a significant increase in the member registration rate.
The problem of members forgetting their passwords and not logging in can also be expected to be eliminated.

No running costs

This service (social login function) is a pay-as-you-go built-in system, not a subscription-based service, which often incurs running costs.

We only ask for the installation cost (construction cost) and the buy-out cost of the software at the time of installation.
Once installed, the software runs semi-permanently on the customer’s server.

Even if the provider SNS service is terminated, you can switch to another SNS or email address registration.

There is no obligation to display the license.
Since the ownership of the software is transferred to the customer, the software can be used as the customer’s property and asset.

We will also support SNS version upgrades free of charge. *If the software can no longer be used due to version upgrades.

We are committed to achieving zero cost in order for you to use our Membership Website as part of your full-fledged business.
Obtaining Users’ E-mail Addresses
It is possible to design the system to acquire email addresses and other information that users have registered on LINE and Facebook.
The acquired email addresses can be used for the mail magazine function, member information export function, and notification distribution. An agreement screen can also be created.
Please use it for monetization other than membership fee collection.

We have included plenty of initial requirements that we have heard from the operator, such as displaying an error when the same email address as the Google account has already been registered.

*It is always necessary to clearly state in the privacy policy that personal information will be acquired. Please be careful with the handling of personal information obtained.
*Only certain SNS are supported.

Facebook data usage confirmation screen
Full after-sales support
Stable social login also requires regular maintenance.
For example, if a function to log in with Facebook has been installed for a certain period of time, it must be checked and reported on Facebook’s developer platform to ensure compliance with the privacy policy.

The specifications of the platform are constantly changing, for example, in 2020-2021, the largest Facebook will specify how to respond to requests by users to delete their data, and if not approved, the corresponding login function will no longer be available.

We can handle all of this maintenance work and response to specification changes.

Displaying your company’s account when logging in to LINE
You can have your official LINE account added as a friend (LINE only).
If you have an official LINE account or have created one, you can display a link to add friends when logging in on LINE and have your official LINE account registered by members.
This is a great way to increase your means of reaching out to your members.

*Setting up this service is available for a separate fee.

Standard support for Apple ID
If you want to use social login but are concerned about security, we recommend using the Apple ID login function, which is based on strict security standards.

Users can register and log in using their iPhone’s Touch ID (fingerprint authentication) or Face ID (facial recognition), and two-step authentication is also supported.
Administrators can also retrieve the email addresses of members registered with Apple ID. The administrator can also retrieve the email address registered with the member’s Apple ID.