Member Registration System

Allows prospective members to register for membership via the membership registration form.

Members can register as members at their own discretion.
In the past, administrators had to register members’ information each time.
However, with our Membership Website, members can register and pay for memberships on their own.
This greatly reduces the burden on the administrator.
We also check the validity of email addresses to prevent spam.
It is also possible to allow members to join only with the administrator’s permission as a standard requirement.
After a member applies for membership, the member will not be allowed to join unless the administrator allows the member to join on the administration screen.

A variety of member registration methods help increase membership

To check the validity of an e-mail address, a “temporary registration system” is included, which sends a link to the registered e-mail address and asks the user to click on the link.

Membership registration is also possible via Facebook, LINE, and other accounts. A variety of member registration methods help increase membership.

Allows administrators to set the information they want at the time of member registration

You can freely set information such as “address,” “real name,” “gender,” “age,” and “phone number” that the administrator would like to collect from users.
Private items are not disclosed to other members and can be viewed by the administrator from the administration screen.
You can also add any items you wish.
You can also ask for mandatory or optional entries such as “membership ID number” or “faculty member number.”
Members can also set an arbitrary nickname instead of their real name.