Server and domain acquisition agency

We will set up (support) a working web server for you. For those who do not have technical knowledge.

Leave the acquisition of the rental server and domain (URL) to us!
We can support you in selecting and acquiring a web server to run your website.

I don’t know which server to sign up for.
“I don’t know what a server is” or “I don’t know what a server itself is”.
We take full responsibility for the selection, contracting, and final setup (the actual operation of the business) on behalf of our clients!

All you need to do is enter your business information.
Leave all the technical work to us!

SSL and WAF (firewall) are standard equipment, and security measures are also complete.
We select servers that use domestic data centers, so you can operate without sending important customer data overseas.

We also provide support for acquiring and setting up a domain (URL).
You can specify your favorite string of characters such as,,, etc.
Since 2017, has been available.

Only corporations can apply for and use

Leave the maintenance and upkeep to us!
This is a complex system in which users also input information.
Regular operation checks and maintenance are essential.
We will maintain and manage the system in the same way as a regular website.
Specialized technical support is available for an additional fee.
As your business grows, you can move to a new server that you manage yourself.

X-Server Business Partner Certification
We are an X-Server Business Partner.
Please feel free to contact us if your business is using X server or considering X server.