Progressive Web Apps(PWA)

A membership website PWA is a system that allows a website to be used like a native smartphone application (an application that can be downloaded from the iPhone App Store or Android Google Play Store).

Compared to native apps, there is no need for screening or updating, and introduction can be done smoothly.

Equivalent functionality to native apps
Releasing a native app to the AppStore/Google Play Store requires a huge amount of development, screening, maintenance, and inspection costs, but with PWA, it is possible to support both iPhone and Android smartphones with a single implementation.

Simply add it to the home screen from a browser to complete the implementation.
The configured icon will appear on the home screen as a PWA app, allowing users to manage their online salon as an app.

Users can access the app by simply tapping it from the home screen.

Push notifications can be implemented.
Push notifications”” can be incorporated, which is not possible on a browser development basis.
Notifications such as announcements and direct messages from the administrator can be delivered to users (to be developed separately).

Please consult with us regarding the content of notifications.
Some environments (devices) are not supported. If you need push notifications for all environments, please consider developing a native application or consult with us.

Unique specifications can be implemented
We will develop to your original specifications in line with your business wishes.

We can also accommodate individual requests for button placement, design, etc.
(Separate costs will be incurred.) Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate.

Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate and consultation.

Place the install button anywhere you like
You can place the install button anywhere you like (*1) on your My Page or in your contents.
In the case of Chrome, it is also possible to specify it as a startup application (*2). If specified, it will automatically open when you start up your PC.

*1 As an initial condition, the application works only with Chrome. Please contact us for other browsers and iOS.
2 Some conditions apply. Please contact us for details.