Member Community Creation

Members can create communities and participate freely.

Community System UI Image
Members create and participate in communities spontaneously
By introducing a community system, it is possible to activate the community without burdening the administrator, and by setting restrictions based on membership rank, it is possible to differentiate between free members and paying members.

Initial Requirements: Member Operation
Creation of communities by members
Participation in the community by members
Reply to comments in the community
Add to favorites
Searching a community

Initial Requirements: Administrator Operation
Creation of a community by the administrator
Category settings
Set up an administration screen where the administrator can change the settings.
Restrictions on viewing of each community based on membership rank
Support by our company

In addition to these initial requirements, we are happy to develop and implement functions to meet your unique requirements.
Please feel free to contact us.

Design can be specified
The design is responsive and can be accessed from any device, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

We can create a design that meets your needs. (Optional)

Please feel free to consult with us about your needs, from neo-morphism to flat design.

Unique requirements can also be realized
We can also accommodate your unique specifications and requirements.
Please feel free to consult with us for detailed or large-scale requirements, such as “”adding a specification to erase the data if there are no posts for a certain period of time.

Please feel free to contact us.