NFT Special Membership Card

The one and only NFT Membership Website membership card can be exhibited on Openpensea, and members can receive any benefits as long as they possess that NFT membership card.

Example of NFT setting screen construction
Release contents only to members who own a specific NFT
You can show specific contents only to the members who own specific NFTs.
We support not only OpenSensea but also the administrator’s original NFT.

Please contact us for detailed requirements such as standards.

Development example (flow of use)
A member registers and logs in to the Membership Website with MetaMask (account to manage virtual currency).
Scan the NFTs they own.
If there is a special membership card NFT, it will be displayed on the My Account page.
You can view special NFT content (posts) as specified by the administrator (supersedes all viewing restrictions).
You can have your NFT scanned without logging into the site via MetaMask, as long as you are only logged into MetaMask.

NFT Development
Real-time development can be done via chat tools
You can also use the chat tool to proceed with production in real time.

Detailed specifications and requests can be implemented in an interactive manner.

Frequently asked questions
Q1: For example, if I hold an event for salon members only and require them to present a piece of artwork that I have personally exhibited at OpenSea as a membership card upon entry, it is possible to forge a screenshot of the artwork. How can I solve this problem by using your service?

A1. Restrictions on viewing privileges are not based on screenshots or images, but rather on the possession or non-possession of NFTs, which is determined via a meta-mask to solve such problems.
Since NFTs are encrypted and unique, they cannot be duplicated in principle.

The blockchain technology is used to check for forgeries, thus guaranteeing legitimacy. (Even if counterfeiting is done, it can be eliminated because there is no record that it was issued.)

Q2: How is your service (NFT Special Membership Card) different from an individual selling a piece of artwork marked as a membership card to the Open Sea?

A2: The system can be built to automatically determine whether or not a person has a membership card.
As an example, there are A contents (video) and B contents, and it is possible to set that A contents can be viewed by anyone, while B contents can only be viewed by the owner of the specified NFT.

In the above configuration, members will not be able to view B contents unless they own the NFT designated by the administrator in their MetaMask account (a service like a wallet for NFTs) that they manage.
The system automatically determines whether a member owns a membership card and sets the permission to browse contents without the administrator having to confirm each time whether the member owns a membership card.