Mail magazine delivery system

You can send e-mail newsletters to registered members.
You can have members decide whether or not they wish to receive the newsletter when they register.
You can set the sender’s e-mail address, name, BCC, etc., to allow for flexible distribution of the e-mail magazine.

This is useful for building multiple revenue channels.

You can send the newsletter to your subscribers. It also supports subscription delivery.
You can now reach out directly to members’ active e-mail addresses and use it as a revenue-generating route in addition to collecting membership fees. Additional operators can be added.
PDF and Excel files, images, video files, and other attachments can also be delivered.

It can be used for various purposes depending on your ideas.

We can also realize unique requirements such as adding membership fees for members receiving the mail magazine, etc. Please consult with us.

The recipients can be narrowed down by membership rank.

It is possible to limit the recipients to “Gold members only,” “Silver members and Gold members only,” and so on.
This enables differentiation of membership ranks.

Example of use
TOEIC Basic Course information is distributed to all members, and TOEIC Premium Course information is distributed to Gold members only.
Information on the NISA course will be distributed to NISA course members, and information on the iDeCo course will be distributed to iDeCo course members.
Information on the limited online tea party will be distributed only to Platinum DJ course members.
*Depends on the requirement definition.

Specified Electronic Mail Law

Compliance with the Specified E-Mail Law
Users can voluntarily select whether or not to receive the e-mail magazine at the time of membership registration.

Users can also unsubscribe from the e-mail magazine at any time from “My Page” to prevent users from opting out of receiving the e-mail magazine.

Even users who have opted not to receive the newsletter can be forced to receive important notices at their discretion.