Function of Step Mail

It is possible to lock in the number of days after a user registers as a member that the content will be “viewable” on a per content basis.

Explanation of Step Mail System

Viewable date and time can be set for each content.
When members view contents, it is possible to set restrictions such as “viewable XX days after membership registration”.
This prevents members from viewing only the contents and then immediately canceling their membership.

For example, it is possible to solve the problem of a member who joined in September and a member who joined in December paying different amounts but still being able to view all videos, which is unfair.
Limited time content can also be set, for example, from July 1 to July 7.
This can be easily configured for each content on the management screen.

Step Mail System Development Example

Flexible development is possible.
You can view the contents for up to X days after registration.
Can be viewed from X days after registration.
Can be viewed only during this period.
You can also set various restrictions.

Please consult us for detailed specifications.
This function is not software, but a development service.
We can flexibly accommodate design, key screen, etc.

Please feel free to consult us.