capture authentication

Captcha authentication (reCAPTCHA) is introduced for login and forms on the management screen. This is effective in preventing unauthorized access without burdening operators and users, since it automatically determines whether or not unauthorized access is occurring.

Prevent unauthorized access to the administration screen.

Unauthorized access to the management screen is a concern.
If the management screen is accessed, customer information such as names and addresses may be leaked.
The reCAPTCHA (anti-spam) prevents unauthorized access to the administration screen by hackers and spammers.
The automatic judgment of the user’s login makes it possible to take countermeasures without burdening the administrator.

It also prevents spam submissions by bots.

Automatic spam prevention

Introduce reCAPTCHA (spam prevention) provided by Google at the time of form and login.
This is not a checkbox type (V3), such as “I am not a robot,” but an AI system that automatically determines if a form is spam or not, thus greatly reducing the stress of users.
V2, in which the user manually checks the boxes to determine if the form is spam, can also be implemented.

In fact, spam is often sent from inquiry forms, and this is a more realistic method than individually restricting IP addresses.

Improved credibility & easy operation
Displaying Google’s reCAPTCHA badge is an indication that you are taking proper security measures.

In addition, the reCAPTCHA badge gives users a sense of security.
(To actually use Google’s reCAPTCHA, you need to apply to Google. We can take care of all of this for you.)

Please leave all the application and installation to us.

Image of reCAPTCHA (v2) implementation
Flexible installation and support according to your requirements
The image on the left shows an example of manual authentication (V2). We can develop and implement V2 for customers who are not comfortable with V3, which automatically authenticates, and would like to implement V2, which requires a manual check.

In this way, we can flexibly respond to your security requirements.