Direct Message Function

Users can send and receive direct messages (DM) to each other or to the administrator.
This system is similar to e-mail.

The Direct Message function allows members to communicate with each other.

Members can communicate with each other without sharing their email addresses or personal information with other members, which helps to protect member privacy.
Files can also be sent and received, so documents can be exchanged.

Communication between administrators and members.

The direct message function is also an effective means of communication between members and the administrator.

It can also be used to limit communication between members and only allow administrator-to-user contact.
We will design these settings so that the administrator can change the settings from the admin screen at any time.

Everything will be possible within the salon!

When members communicate with each other using e-mail addresses or external SNS, it is impossible for the administrator to deal with any violation of the terms and conditions.
However, with the direct message function, the administrator can check the contents of messages between members as needed, preventing any violation of the terms and conditions.

DM receiving and sending permission settings by member rank
Sending and receiving permissions can be set for each membership rank (authority).
Only Gold members and above can send DMs to other users, and only Platinum members and above can ask questions or contact tutors.

This can be set not only by membership rank, but also by authority (administrator or member).

This kind of functionality was an “original requirement” that was implemented only when requested by our customers. However, we have received many requests to allow or restrict the use of DM by membership rank, so we will incorporate this functionality as an “initial requirement” free of charge starting in April 2021.

These settings can be changed by the administrator at any time from the administration screen.

The DM can be used as a communication function between teachers and students on a school-based membership website.

Flexibly designed and developed to meet your requirements
Our engineers will flexibly design and develop the system even if you provide us with a vague description of your requirements.

Please feel free to ask us anything, such as, “I want to do a certain thing, is it possible?

Design is also available.

If communication is important to you, we can also design a direct message function.

We can design the direct message function based on your general image, such as “simple design,” “soft image,” and so on.
Please feel free to consult with us about any requests, from general ideas such as “I want a simple design” or “I want a soft image,” to detailed requests such as “I want this part to be like this.
*Design is optional.

Please feel free to contact us for direct message development.