Convenience Store Payments, ATM Payments, and Various “PAY” Services Equipped

Payment methods such as convenience store payment, ATM payment (PAYG), and various PAY (PayPay, Apple Pay, and many others) will be incorporated into the Membership Website.
Possible to propose a payment method that matches your operation policy
You can choose from a variety of payment methods for membership fees, subscriptions, EC purchases, etc. We will propose the payment method that best suits your operational policy.

ATM payment (pay-as-you-go)
Bank transfer payment
Various PAY (Apple Pay, PayPay, Alipay, Rakuten Pay, Melpay, LINE PAY, BitCash, Webmoney, Yahoo Wallet, etc.)
Various types of point payment
Convenience store payment (EC only. Subscription payment by membership fee is not supported)
Please click here for bank transfer.

This service does not include all of the above. Please be sure to inquire about the payment method you wish to introduce. If you do not specify a payment method, we will only incorporate the API.
Build Salon Inc. is a service partner of “Natural Payment”.

We can also incorporate the payment services you are currently using, such as “Membership Fee Pay,” “Robot Payment,” and “SB Payment Service.

Please note that the introduction of these services is subject to screening by the payment agency. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

We can propose a payment method that matches your operation policy.
Some of our members do not have credit cards because they are students. We would like to enable payment at convenience stores.

We would like to introduce Recruit’s payment method to a BtoB membership website.

We would like to enable payment by Mobile Suica for a membership website for railway-related businesses, since many of our members use Mobile Suica.

We can provide a variety of payment methods to suit your needs, such as

Segregation of payment methods

Not only for subscriptions (membership fees), but also for unique specifications and events, such as EC in online salons and payment on live-streaming.
Members can make payments not only for membership fees, but also for EC, live commerce, reservation payments, and other unique events after selecting various methods of payment.

*Services that can be set up for recurring billing (subscriptions)
Carrier payment
Rakuten Pay
Recruit Easy Payment
PayPay (online payment)