Cell phone bill Equipped

Membership fees debited together with cell phone bills
Membership dues, one-time sales settlements, and other settlements are charged to members and non-members together with their cell phone bills.

With smartphone usage becoming more common, providing carrier payments for members who do not have access to credit cards will enable us to secure revenue channels while improving convenience for our members.

SoftBank (SoftBank Collective Payment (B)™️)
Docomo (docomo payment)™️
KDDI (au Simple Payment)™️ ・KDDI (au Simple Payment)™️

We will support you on the application of the products to be handled.

Introduction is efficient.
Since everything is packaged up to the setup, efficient implementation is possible.

Even after implementation, we will design the system so that you can enable, disable, and set the billing amount (membership fee, recurring payment fee, and tax-included and tax-excluded display) with no code on the management screen.

Flexible membership fee settings
The administrator can flexibly configure settings from the membership fee billing span setting to the amount of the recurring payment.

*SoftBank and the SoftBank name, docomo, Y-Mobile, au, and other names are generally registered trademarks or trademarks of corporations in Japan and other countries.

Improvement in the settlement rate can be expected.

Membership Website members who “It’s a hassle to enter credit card numbers” “don’t have a credit card” can complete payment with just a few taps, which is expected to increase the payment rate.

Details of introduction

To use this service, you need to sign a contract with a cell phone bill collection agency and undergo a screening process.
If you sign a contract with one collection agency, you can use the three major carriers, docomo, SoftBank, and au, for settlement.
We can also build a system with a payment company that you want to use or are currently operating.

It takes several months from the time of ordering the construction of a payment system to the time when you can start using it.

We can also build the system for sole proprietorships, but you will need to be a corporation when you actually use the system (when you receive membership fees). Please contact us for details.