ZOOM™️ Live Streaming

Incorporate ZOOM™️ (video call feature with members). (ZOOM linkage)

ZOOM is available
ZOOM allows administrators to stream videos to users. You can use it with a free ZOOM account.
This can be used for webinars, etc.

Assignment function based on membership rank.
Add and link videoconference schedules (sync with Google Calendar)
Invite users from the administration screen (notifications will be sent to the email address of newly registered members)
Live broadcast to all members
Online session function between management and members
Members can use the application in their browsers without installing it.
And many other useful features as a working video calling system!

Administrators and members can conduct meetings in their browsers without downloading any special software. 1

The system can be expanded to allow members to broadcast meetings. Please click here for details.

Zoom”” and the Zoom logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Zoom Video Communications, Inc.
This service (BUILD ZOOM) is a buy-out embedded system, not a subscription-based service, which is often associated with running costs.

We only ask for the installation cost (construction cost) and the buy-out cost of the software at the time of installation!
Once installed, the software runs semi-permanently on the customer’s server.
There is no license display obligation, and the ownership of the software is transferred to you, so you can use it as your property and asset.

We pursue zero running costs so that you can use our Membership Website as part of your full-fledged business.

Immediate distribution from the management screen
You can send your lessons immediately from the administration screen using ZOOM.
When the administrator sets up a ZOOM, such as a lesson, members will be notified by e-mail with a meeting ID and a link and password to join the meeting.

Linkage to Google Calendar is also possible.

The system also has a function that allows you to hold meetings with specific individual members, so you can use it for counseling and other purposes.

Image of ZOOM participation notification
Synchronization with Google Calendar
By synchronizing with Google Calendar, ZOOM can remind participants when holding regular meetings.
Participants can be reminded simultaneously via Google Calendar.

Participants can join the meeting by simply clicking the join URL in the calendar.
This contributes to higher meeting participation rates.

Image of email notification with ZOOM integration
Close Integration with the System
When an administrator invites a member to a meeting, the member’s e-mail address is automatically notified.
Meetings and seminars can also be held with limited membership ranks.

Meetings can be held on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs, allowing members to participate in meetings from anywhere and at any time.

Image of ZOOM Usage
ZOOM can be used for a variety of purposes, depending on your ideas
Online proofreading of texts (by a writing school)
Non-contact osteopathy demonstrations by osteopaths (for osteopathic clinics)
Online seminars on tax reduction for company employees (seminar office)
ADHD explanation for parents of children with developmental disabilities (by an incorporated association)
One-on-one fortune-telling (Fortune-telling meeting)

In addition, it can be used for various purposes depending on your ideas, such as live commerce.

The flexibility of designing one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many is also attractive.
Change the text of notification and reminder e-mails freely.
The text is incorporated by BuildSalon at the time of development, but can be changed later by the administrator at any time on the administration screen.

Flexible settings can be changed, such as adding notes about lectures to the content of notifications.

A reminder function has been added to the ZOOM delivery function based on customer requirements
Development and support of unique requirements also became a routine task
Based on this system, development, implementation, and support for use of the operator’s (administrator’s) own requirements are also standardized.

If you have any requests such as “”I would like to introduce a function for 00,”” “”I would like to collect a certain amount of money when holding a meeting,”” or “”I would like to make an application and publish it as a smartphone application,”” please feel free to contact us.

As an example, the image on the left is a construction example of implementing such a function in response to a request such as “”I want to send a reminder e-mail to members so that they will not forget the meeting.