Vimeo™️ Linkage

Embed Vimeo™️ API to embed videos and live streaming.

Example of Vimeo embedding implementation
Embed videos uploaded to Vimeo™️.
Videos uploaded to Vimeo™️ can be deployed as Membership Website content.

The embedded videos can be restricted in detail by initial requirements, such as “”only gold members can view”” and “”anyone can view””, respectively.

Viewing restrictions can also be set for the category to which the video belongs.

The image is an example of the design.

Vimeo Embedding
Password protection is also possible.
In addition to restrictions on viewing, passwords can be applied if videos are set to private.

Live streaming is also possible
Live streaming is also possible using Vimeo™️’s powerful servers.
Please contact us.

Other unique requirements are available upon request. Please request a quote for details.