Server move/copy

“As your business grows, you can change your rental server or migrate to AWS or on-premise (company-owned equipment). Domain name transfer is also available.

Change servers according to the growth phase of your business
Depending on the size of your Membership Website, the size of the server you will need will vary.

Small number of members – Low cost rental server plan
Medium – Enterprise plan for rental servers
On-premise and dedicated servers

On-premise: Purchase your own system and operate it in-house.
Rental server (cloud): Pay a usage fee and use the system.
We can handle data migration as your phase grows.
Migration to AWS and other services are also available.

Migration to on-premise (company-owned server) is also available.
After operating on a rental server, we can migrate to on-premise for businesses that are “”a little nervous about developing as their own business on a rental server”” or “”want to minimize risk by owning their own server facilities.

We can migrate to on-premise servers as small as less than 1 meter square.

This is possible because it is an in-house owned Membership Website that has the right to decide “”where to operate””.

Copying of the entire system is also possible.
After delivery, we can copy the entire system, store it as a file, or copy it to another server on your behalf.
You can copy the entire Membership Website and use a different domain (URL) for a different concept at the same time!”