Press release creation and distribution on behalf of clients

We can distribute a press release about the launch of your Membership Website to generate coverage. (Optional after delivery)

Notification of the launch of your Membership Website to media outlets
We will notify the media through a press release.
By notifying the press, you can get press coverage for your site.
You can obtain links from major news sites.
Regardless of the content of the site or whether it is well-known or not, most press releases will appear on more than 30 news sites.
In some cases, press releases are posted on major websites such as Zaisei Shimbun and Sankei Shimbun, allowing you to reach a large number of potential members.

By obtaining quality links, SEO measures can be expected.

We take care of article creation and distribution!
You can entrust us with everything from article creation to photo selection, media selection, and distribution of your press releases.
We are specialized in this field and will carefully select the media to distribute your press release and announce its opening.
We can also include text and images that you would like to see published.

Article creation (including image selection)
Selection of media for distribution (selection depends on the content)
Press release distribution

This option can be requested after delivery.