Bank transfer of membership fee

Allows members to make bank transfers for membership dues. Can be used by members who do not have a credit card.

Allows regular bank transfers to be accepted for membership dues as specified by the administrator.
Allows members to pay membership dues without using a credit card.
A monthly transfer reminder function can also be implemented as an initial requirement.

The content of dues payment reminders and other information can be edited by the administrator at any time with no code, as an initial requirement.

Detailed settings such as the span of each billing cycle (monthly, weekly, daily), billing amount, tax included/excluded, etc. can also be edited with no code.

In addition, membership dues can be received from members without any commission fee, because membership dues are received without a payment agency. (When the transfer fee is borne by the member)

Automatic cancellation, etc. is also possible by using bank APIs, etc. (*1). Please consult with us.

Configuration can be handled
We can create a management screen that allows the administrator to change email settings, account information, and other settings on a case-by-case basis.

Please feel free to consult with us if you have any questions, such as “I would like to be able to change the text of the transfer request e-mails that are periodically sent to members.

This is a “transfer” system in which members manually transfer funds to the bank account designated by the administrator.
Please click here for the “transfer” system in which members register their own bank accounts.

Bank Account Transfer
Payment is possible even for customers who do not have a credit card or major carrier contract
This system can be used to reach students who do not own credit cards and the elderly who have difficulty using credit cards.

By offering bank account transfers as the most basic payment method for membership fees, we can lower the hurdles to membership.