Membership Card Display

Members can display their membership cards from their own My Page. A “”membership card”” system will be developed and implemented to allow members to present their membership rank and other basic information to external parties.

Example of membership card system implementation
Members can prove their membership rank to external parties and receive privileges
Although it has been possible to display and check one’s membership rank on the member’s “”My Account”” page, the implementation of a membership card system will provide a means for members to prove their membership rank to external parties.

Members can display their membership cards from their “”My Account”” page.

For example, if the salon operator is a store, paid salon members will be able to receive discount services at the store.

The membership card includes
Membership number (which the administrator can refer to if necessary)
Expiration date
Date of admission
“”Membership Rank””.
and can be given privileges as desired.

Includes management screen and various initial requirements
The operator (administrator) can change the settings.

Designation of issuable member ranks by the administrator
The administrator can change the overall color of the membership card.
Upload signature (logo image) by administrator
Change the text color for each member rank.

Flexible settings such as the following are possible in the initial state.

Example of original requirement development for membership card function
Development of original requirements is also possible.
If you have your own specifications, such as “”automatically send a link to the membership card via e-mail when a member registers,”” we can develop the function on your own.

We can also handle relatively complex requirements, such as linking with NFT (MetaMask) to display a special membership card if the user has an NFT membership card. We can make it happen.

Please feel free to contact us.

Attracting customers by granting privileges
By linking with actual stores and devising special offers, you can expect to attract customers.