Matching in Membership Website

We build a matching system (business type or introduction of the opposite sex type) based on your requirements.

Building a Matching System
By building a matching system on the Membership Website, you can use a management system for new member registration, subscription payment model (if your main business is matching, you can limit it to only sign-up fees), and membership withdrawal applications.

A matching system is a system whereby the operator manages and matches members (corporations) with members (corporations).
Please feel free to consult with us about anything from transitioning an existing matching business to launching a new one.

Please consult with us about any kind of matching system, from business-to-business to individual-to-person.

Please consult with us if your business model falls under the category of employment agency business under Japanese domestic regulations.

BtoC (job offers, real estate, etc.)
BtoB (crowdsourcing, business matching, etc.)
C to C (flea market, auction, marriage activity, opposite-sex introduction business, dating agency, etc.)

Example of creating terms of use for a build-salon matching site
Support for creating terms of use for operating a matching business
We support the creation of terms of use required to operate a matching business on a membership website.

In addition, in the case of a marriage activity or introduction business (displaying information about a person’s relationships with the opposite sex at the request of a person who wishes to interact with the opposite sex whom the person has never met), it is necessary to file a report with the police department. We can provide comprehensive support for such matters.

If you are unsure whether your business falls under this category, please contact Build Salon. Consultations are free of charge.

Design can be made to match the business’s Membership Website. (*Option)

Unique requirements of the business can be realized
We can develop your own system, such as point system construction and settlement, according to your business.

We can also incorporate the payment method into your current payment service, such as “”Membership Fee Pay,”” “”Robot Payment,”” or “”SB Payment Service.