live commerce

“Live Commerce functionality can be implemented.

Live Commerce

In 2021, live commerce will be widely covered in the media, and the “”selling products while distributing videos”” format will be recognized by the public.

More than anything else, live commerce is a sales system that goes very well with membership websites in the sense that fans become attached to the distributors (operators).
As a specialized business, we wanted to encourage small businesses to develop live commerce as a business.
Therefore, we interviewed many live commerce implementers (implementers) about the functions and services they needed, packaged what we determined to be “”can’t miss when operating live commerce,”” and by fleshing out the package, we announced a business plan to significantly reduce budget and turnaround time.

Major benefits of implementing live commerce
1. get people to use the membership fee payment method
It is possible for users to purchase products sold through live commerce using the method in which they joined and paid their membership fees.
This also has the advantage of not being a burden for users, since they do not have to set up a payment method each time and can purchase using the method they have always used to pay their membership fee. 2.

2. there are dedicated fans of the seller as members
In live commerce, buyers are interested not only in the product being sold, but also in the seller’s story.
Members often understand and are interested in the personality and philosophy of the organizer.
When there are members who support the story of the organizer or lecturer, it is easier to lay down a lead to purchase. 3.

3. products can be sent to address books registered as member information
Members can refer to the information that has already been associated with them and make purchases, reducing the burden on the members.

Browser-based responsive design
The initial requirements for this system assume that it will run on a browser, so there is no need to be restricted to a specific device.
Both distributors and users can participate in live commerce simply by logging in from a browser, without installing an application.
Once an application is made (released), it is possible to distribute not only from PCs, but also using the functions of the smartphone itself.
In-app billing can also be incorporated. Members will be able to make payments using the payment methods of their smartphones. (Negotiation required).”