Intrusion Detection System

We will develop and implement a system (IDS) that can notify unauthorized login by SMS or e-mail, and automatically store and view operation logs (member registration, change of registration information, etc.) of members and managed users.

Build Salon IDS
Assuming sufficient initial requirements for security measures
Log collection and management
Log collection on the user side and viewing by administrators (member registration, email address information change, login date and time, IP address, etc.)
Logs on the administrative user side and viewing by administrators (access to administrative screens, administrator user registration, configuration changes, etc.)

The changed information is stored in the
Date and time
IP address
User name/registered e-mail address
The information that has been changed will be recorded together with the date, time, IP address, username/registered email address.

All operation logs can be saved and checked without distinction between administrators and members, making it possible to clarify where responsibility lies in the event of a problem.
Because it is specialized and optimized for Membership Website, log collection and management is possible in every corner.

*Only administrators are supposed to be able to view the logs in the initial requirement. It can also be used for follow-up investigation in case of information leakage.

Build Salon IDS Notification
Other initial requirements
SMS/email notifications based on specific conditions (e.g., suspicious login attempts to the administration screen)
Search function for logs
External DB storage of monitoring logs
Real-time management of member sessions
Mirroring of logs to AWS Cloudwatch, Loggly, Slack, etc.
After-sales support for usage

We can flexibly design and develop other systems to meet your security requirements.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.