Development for the Elderly

Develop an interface designed for senior users.

Develop and produce a UI that caters to senior users
Development and production of UI that caters to the elderly
Today, IT and the Internet are expanding not only to the younger generation, but also to the elderly.

Although we want to open a website for the elderly…

We want to open Membership Website for the elderly, but we have a hard time explaining how to use it…
The letters are so small, I can’t read what they are writing! I get complaints like “I can’t read what you are writing!
People are interested in paying for the content, but they can’t read the payment process and don’t know how to do it, so they don’t get to the closing stage.

We can solve these problems.

Design for the elderly
Interface designed for the elderly
Compared to our normal development services, we design the interface for the elderly (universal design) and provide easy-to-understand support for membership fee payment, etc.

Main construction details

Enlarge font size
Adjustment of color and contrast
Make buttons such as the login button easier to click
Optimize UI patterns
Identify the age range of users.