Design Competitions

This is a competition service for those who want to pay maximum attention to the design.

After conducting interviews, our designers will create 5 to 8 design proposals, from which you can adopt the design you like best. (Reference fee: Top page: 165,000 yen tax not included (including coding))

Design Competition
You can choose the design you like best from among the proposals made by multiple designers.
The number of proposals will vary depending on your budget. (Reference fee: Top page: 165,000 yen ~/5-8 proposals/including coding cost)

We will make multiple proposals based on rough requests such as “We want to design for the elderly,” “We want a simple corporate style,” “We want to use this kind of tonmana (image shown),” etc. Since the actual design can be adopted in advance, there is no need to worry about “it’s not what I had in mind.

After the hearing, you simply choose the design you like from the multiple proposals we send you. You can leave everything up to coding (implementation) to us!
(If no agreement is made, design and coding can be done up to twice each.)

Design competitions are not eligible for subsidies.
Proposals will be made after the order is placed.
Responsive as standard
Standard support for display on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Competition Flow
The specific flow of implementation is as follows.
No special knowledge is required. All you need to do is to select a design proposal we will send you.

You will be asked to fill out a competition hearing sheet. You will be asked to provide your desired image, images/logos/text you would like to use, and the overall atmosphere of the website.
We will conduct a competition and our designers will create several design proposals.
After the competition is over, several proposals will be sent to you via e-mail in image format.
Please select your desired design from among them and inform us of the desired number. Free rework is possible at this point.
After the design is accepted, coding (application to the system) will be performed using this design.
Please rest assured that you can leave the work to us, as we have a proven track record in many competitions.

Possible modifications
We will make a proposal that meets your needs to the greatest extent possible, but if you are still not satisfied with the design, we can make changes to it.

We can make changes to the design if you are still not satisfied with it.
I want the login button to appear here as well.

Please feel free to ask us to install buttons, replace images, change text, or anything else you wish.

Multiple page design is also available
Designs that span multiple levels of hierarchy by specifying pages are also possible.

We can also handle page configurations. Please feel free to consult with us.

Please feel free to consult with us.
We will propose a design that meets your needs.

Please feel free to contact us.